02563: Completing 2019

02562: Hermit Mode Active

02561: Sunday Slowdown

02560: Pre-Departure Family Saturday

0255F: December Hustle

0255E: Thursday Chill

0255D: Rainy Christmas Day

0255C: Mason's Christmas

0255B: The End of the Skywalkers

0255A: Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety-Jog

02559: Tagaytay Mode

02558: Pre-Christmas Tagaytay Weekend

02557: Christmas Work Rush

02556: End of Year Work Festivities

02555: Double Book Vision

02554: 10 Years After

02553: Cheers for O Bar

02552: Ups and Downs of the Weekend

02551: Mason Christmas

02550: Holiday Fatigue

0254F: Sushi Envy

0254E: Christmas Home Stretch

0254D: HBOh No, Here We Go

0254C: Good Kind of Weekend Tired

0254B: Christmas Shopping Adventuring

0254A: Virtual Killer Pets

02549: Instagram Refraction

02548: Annual Christmas Conundrum

02547: Storm Day

02546: My Dad, the National Athlete

02545: Older Gaming Circulation

02544: Weight Loss Nostalgia

02543: Weekend Pause

02542: Keto Supply Chain

02541: Secondhand Gaming

02540: Jogging Inertia

0253F: Van Gogh Not Quite Alive

0253E: Weekend Buffet Experience

0253D: The Brighter Side

0253C: I Set My Mind in Motion

0253B: Wisdom of the Desert

0253A: Non-Designer Design Thinking

02539: Royal Priorities

02538: Officially Ten Years Together

02537: Saturday Sailing

02536: Friday Night Netflix