029C8: Continuing Storage Upgrades

029C7: Could Have Done More

029C6: Coffee Maker Target

029C5: Friday Frenzy

029C4: The DFA Adventure

029C3: Holiday Reporting

029C2: Home Repairs

029C1: Compressed Monday

029C0: One Day After Vaccination

029BF: My First Jab

029BE: Friday Pre-Jab Musings

029BD: Hypothetical Discussion

029BC: Vaccination Quirkiness

029BB: Fire Days

029BA: Better Monday

029B9: Inefficient Resting

029B7: Simpler Saturday Struggles

029B6: Returning to the Great Enemy

029B5: Digital Gaming Holiday

029B4: Pre-Holiday Blitz

029B3: Kickstarter Shuffle

029B2: Monday Stuff

029B1: Different Holiday Stress

029B0: Staying In More Than Going Out

029AF: Brain Fog

029AE: Talent Search

029AD: Nice Things

029AC: The Unicron in the Room