0236E: PS3 Revival Time

0236D: Chipping Away at the Supermajority

0236C: The Last Haul

0236B: 31 Years of the Same Thing

0236A: Letting Books Go

02369: Stacks of Geekery

02368: Slow Post

02367: Shelving Challenges

02366: The End of the Wulin

02365: #ComeHomeToRep Before It's Too Late

02364: A Lot of Stuff

02363: Semi-Charmed Kind of Life

02362: We Come in Peace

02361: Disappointing People

02360: Catching the Runner

0235F: Catching Up With The Genius

0235E: Moving Installments

0235D: Home Again

0235C: T-Minus 4 Hours

0235B: Winding Down

0235A: Staying In

02359: Singapore Shopping Efficiency

02358: Singapore Time Again

02357: Pre-Flight Check

02356: Interesting Times

02355: Tight Scheduling

02354: Naming the New Sietch

02353: Life and Death Cycles