0193A: Hoping For A More Trusting And Collaborative Future

01939: Most Adventurous Storytelling

01938: Offshore Black Friday Madness

01937: A Lack of Self-Promotion

01936: Managing Employee Communications

01935: Drifting Between Schedules

01934: Monday Makati Madness

01933: Weekend Juggling

01932: Running Through Saturday

01931: Baseless Ebola Fears

01930: Scheduling Options

0192F: Uber Arguments

0192E: Trying Out Inbox

0192D: Anniversary 2.0

0192C: Ending With A Show

0192B: Lazy Singapore Trip

0192A: Geeky Invasion!

01929: Back in Singapore

01928: Countdown - T-Minus One

01927: A Few Random Questions

01926: Almost Singapore Time

01925: Movie Sunday

01924: Buggered Out

01923: Lost Time

01922: Making Up For Night Work

01921: Reading Priority

01920: Missy Mystery No More

0191F: Moving Discworld Forward

0191E: Late (Non)Post

0191D: Restful Saturday