0153B: Constructicons Next Door

0153A: Re-Alignment Post

01539: Take Schedule. Rotate. Flip. Repeat.

01538: A Healthy Dose of B-Vitamins

01537: Saturday Night with Friends

01536: Becoming Friends Again

01535: My On-Going BPI Issue

01534: One Foot in Front of the Other

01533: With a Somewhat Heavy Heart...

01532: Wisdom Comes from the Desert

01531: Celebrating Our O Bar Family

01530: Weekend Gaming and Geekery

0152F: Saturday Night Geeky Fun

0152E: Web-Enabled Coordination and Collaboration

0152D: Celebrating the Day of Love

0152C: Sourcing Candidate Information

0152B: Tiring Start to the Work Week

0152A: Crazy Zany Sunday Night

01529: Early Gaming Sunday

01528: Sleepy Saturday Sharing

01527: Studying the Candidates