0242A: Dinner Excursion

02429: The BGC Rain Shield

02428: Phone Death

02427: 15-20 Minutes Away

02426: Family Patterns

02425: Rainy Game Night Wait

02424: Non-Foodie Eating

02423: Digital Coping

02422: Non-Tobie Lethargy

02421: Tobie's Up in the Air

02420: One Day Before Take-off

0241F: Getting Tobie's Pre-Flight Gaming Fix

0241E: Alter Gaming Strategies

0241D: T-Minus Four

0241C: The News is Whack But People Are Crazier

0241B: Imagining Science Fiction Stories

0241A: Local Entertainment Blindness

02419: Mother's Day

02418: To Tagaytay and Back Again

02417: Weekend Appointment Juggling

02416: Pseudo-Foodie

02415: Mid-Week Holiday Laziness

02414: The Difference Between Nerds and Geeks

02413: Movies and Popcorn

02412: X-Files Time Warp

02411: Back in the Blue City

02410: Much Needed Geekery

0240F: The Beauty of Books

0240E: Friendly Cranky Helpful Shady

0240D: While At the Terrace House

0240C: Welcome May