0208C: A Friday Night Alone

0208B: Impending Traffic

0208A: Office Spotify DJ

02089: Report From The Labs

02088: Our New Vet?

02087: A Full Gaming Weekend

02086: Sietch Chores

02085: Yoshi's New Diet

02084: Crazy News Week

02083: Dog-Tired

02082: I Forgot It Was Only Tuesday

02081: First Day Again

02080: T-Minus One

0207F: PowerPoint Saturday

0207E: Holiday Rearrangements

0207D: Yoshi's First Day

0207C: Nesting Behavior

0207B: Office Move-In

0207A: We Don't Get Extra Lives

02079: Ready for the Pivot

02078: A Darker Shade of Wonderland

02077: Adverse Weather Conditions

02076: To Carry The Rainbow Flag

02075: Possible Skill Upgrades

02074: Mid-Term Writing Plans

02073: Gloomy Rainy Day

02072: Our Love For Drag Culture

02071: Not Taking Pictures Of People

02070: Any Port In A Storm

0206F: Paying It Forward

0206E: A Unique Set of Skills