0172C: The End Is Near

0172B: Home

0172A: Surviving The Family Cookfest

01729: Thanks Paradigm Infinitum!

01728: Mahjong Singapore Days

01727: Staying Home in Singapore

01726: Christmas Game Day

01725: Christmas Time Is Family Time

01724: Singapore Travel Day

01723: One Day Before Take-Off

01722: Step by Step

01721: Christmas Crunch Time

01720: As They Say, Power Corrupts

0171F: 13 Months And Counting

0171E: Everyday Madness In The Philippines

0171D: A Story For Jayson

0171C: Geeky Commercialism

0171B: How Was Our Saturday?

0171A: Oh The Feels

01719: Writing For Internet Audiences

01718: Roaming If You Want To?

01717: Transformers Non-Controversies

01716: Geekier and Geekier Collecting

01715: Quick Sunday Excursion

01714: Pride March 2013

01713: My Transformers Queue

01712: A Pride March Reminder

01711: Telephony Solutions

01710: Sleeping Is Hard

0170F: Starting December

0170E: Weekend Geekery Report

0170D: About Giving Gifts

0170C: The Hunt for the Daleks Begins

0170B: A Day For Giving Thanks

0170A: Busy Thanksgiving

01709: Working on Vlogging Plans

01708: Vlog Throughts

01707: Gaming, Adventuring, Singing and Dancing

01706: Celebrating 50 Years of the Doctor