0219D: Being There For Yoshi

0219C: Skinnier Yoshi

0219B: Home with Yoshi

0219A: Entering End Game

02199: Hopefully a Breakthrough?

02198: Adaptive Diet Pattern

02197: A Not-So-Great Day

02196: Yoshi Care 24/7

02195: Sad Status Quo

02194: Yoshi Booster

02193: Back Home

02192: Before Returning Home

02191: Thursday Geekery

02190: Alternative Solution Paths

0218F: Google Analytics is FUN

0218E: Click, Click, Click

0218D: Departure

0218C: 2 Weeks

0218B: Yoshi's Fighting

0218A: Hoping for the Best for Yoshi

02189: Stupid Marcos

02188: Random Thoughts on the 2016 Elections

02187: Waiting For The Results

02186: Alter Gaming

02185: Gaming Escape

02184: Another Round of Interviews

02183: Yoshi's Lack of Appetite

02182: So You're Curious About Board Games

02181: Starting on the Wrong Foot

02180: My Left Foot

0217F: Long Weekend Geekery