02D05: Fake Friday

02D04: Cyclical Storage Challenges

02D03: A Workweek Without the Ends

02D02: Birthday Calculations

02D01: Birthday Weekend Continued

02D00: Birthday Weekend Challenges

02CFF: Tooth Thoughts

02CFE: Semi-Solid Eating

02CFD: Almost Out of Soft Quarantine

02CFC: Cold, Soft Tuesday

02CFB: Tooth Day Monday

02CFA: Night and Day Gaming

02CF9: Solo Saturday

02CF8: You Can't Wake Up If You Don't Fall Asleep

02CF7: Google Photos Fusion Accidents

02CF6: Wednesday Displacement

02CF5: Gaming Things

02CF4: Increasing Grocery Frustrations

02CF3: This Weekend's Gaming Explorations

02CF2: Afternoon Dinner Show

02CF1: Friday Quick

02CF0: A New Tooth Adventure

02CEF: Mid-Week Break

02CEE: Pre-Holiday Accomplishments

02CED: A Slightly Less Monday Sort of Monday

02CEC: Weekend Battery Drain

02CEB: Geeky Weekend Warm-Up

02CEA: Confidential Exuberance

02CE9: Bits and Bobs, Ups and Downs

02CE8: Happy Hump Project

02CE7: Healthy Work Obsession