01444: Continuing Diablo III Adventures

01443: Bro Time

01442: Not A Fun Shift

01441: One of THOSE Days

01440: Monsters Can Sing Too

0143F: Labored Breathing

0143E: Do We Choose the Complicated Path?

0143D: Bona Emotional Echoes

0143C: Missing Training

0143B: Bringing the Week to a Close

0143A: Another Tiring Work Shift

01439: Jumping Forward

01438: And Now the News, Don't Touch That Dial!

01437: Single Douchebaggery

01436: Insomnia Weekend

01435: Books, Sushi and Onslaught

01434: Transformers Pay Day

01433: The Kre-O Surprise

01432: Work Stress And Thinking in Systems

01431: Post-Shift Social Media Trolling