0132D: Poy-Poy's First Video

0132C: Holding Out For One More Day

0132B: Weird Weather, Working Out and Work

0132A: Starting a New Fitness Routine

01329: The Craziness of Love

01328: All Will Be Well

01327: Sunday In The Heights

01326: Rainy Saturday Date

01325: 2nd Monthsary Updates

01324: A Random Post About Rain, Theater and Weight Loss

01323: Getting Back Into Shape?

01322: Updates to Sietch Routines

01321: Welcome the ASA Family

01320: Horoscopes Are Funny

0131F: And Again, Puerto Galera

0131E: And Tomorrow We Return to the Beach!

0131D: Opposing Schedules and Longer Term Dreams

0131C: Pressure Cooker Timing

0131B: When Tobie Met Poy-Poy