02BE7: Being Behind the O Bar Videos

02BE6: Before Some Extra Work

02BE5: A Sunday Night at O Bar

02BE4: Sunday Geekery and More

02BE3: Saturday Things

02BE2: Sietch K-Update

02BE1: When You're Not Religious

02BE0: Kickstarter Auditing

02BDF: Getting Back Up

02BDE: Monday Mood

02BDD: This Sunday

02BDC: Inevitably Busy Saturday

02BDB: Struggling Towards the Weekend

02BDA: Another Anniversary at Home

02BD9: Paid Technology

02BD8: Current TV Choices

02BD7: Fitness Restart

02BD6: Good Tiring Sunday

02BD5: Back at the Sietch and Back Into Action

02BD4: The Last Friday

02BD3: Running Out of Time Again

02BD2: Nephew Time

02BD1: Reconnected

02BD0: Dead Phone Day

02BCF: A Full Tourist Sunday

02BCE: Dog Day Saturday Afternoon

02BCD: Proper Tourist Contemplation

02BCC: Foreign Pet Care

02BCB: Working Wednesday

02BCA: Happier Things