02563: Completing 2019

This is the first year since we initiated the move out of Cubao that I was able to unbox and photograph all of the Transformers that I had purchased within this calendar year. It's not a big deal but it's one of those many things that makes me quirky life feel a bit more "right" or "complete" and I'm glad to have finally caught up. I'm also two books away from my 365-title reading goal, which I should be able to cover once I wrap up the Star Wars novel I'm on the brink of finishing and maybe one more comic book trade paperback.

As silly (or weird) this may all sound to most, but I feel like this represents things falling into their proper places again and maybe it sets a good start for the coming of the new year. 2020 vision jokes aside, I'd like to think that there's a lot of good things to come if we stay our present course and continue to work hard for all the things that we love.

We're committed to living Sietch Vicis for another two years and it's already a bit of a squeeze given all collections of board games, Transformers, books, and all these other geeky things. But it's a how of love and celebrating our shared passions and it'll always be a safe place for us.

And now we're getting ready to celebrate the coming of the new year first with Tobie's family and then with close friends over at O Bar, as has been our tradition for many years now. Feel the love all around. Celebrate the future with excitement. Cherish those nearest and dearest to you.

The changing of a year is theoretically no more statistically significant than one day giving way to the next. But it doesn't stop any of us from using this time to reflect on the good things that have happened and plan for great things in the coming year.