02544: Weight Loss Nostalgia

 2019 has been a year for fitness goals for many members of the family, and as the year comes to a close we're all appreciating how far things have come. I've been on keto for more than a year now and have been jogging on a more regular basis for several months. My mom's health adventure has come full circle as well and we've come a long way indeed.

In the family group chat, old photos have been surfacing, and it's still rather jarring to see how big I had gotten in recent years. I've talked about this before, I'm sure, but it still scares me a little. I knew I was big and I know I'm still heavier than I should be but man, I end up asking myself how I hadn't come to the realization that things were really, really bad. I should have done something a lot sooner, but that's part of the trickiness of weight gain I guess. You can see yourself in the mirror every day and still not fully appreciate when you've crossed a dangerous line.

Well, that's in the past and we just have to keep moving forward. And my weight loss journey has barely begun and I know that I'm going to be celebrating the keto life pretty much indefinitely given the amazing results I've experienced over the past year.