0248A: Drinking to Forgetfulness

02489: A Proper Celebration

02488: Derry Escape

02487: Goldilocks Birthday Zone

02486: The Turtle Moves Anew

02485: Almost Running A Fever

02484: Slower Rainy Sunday

02483: Celebratory Gaming

02482: Beyond the Inner Planets

02481: Amazon Awareness

02480: Pre-Birthday Minor Meh

0247F: Relationship Cues

0247E: Another Passport Stamp

0247D: ♥️♥️♥️ Weekend

0247C: #WhyWeWork

0274B: #Hashcon2019 Moment

0274A: Shipping Out Shortly

02749: Another Bathroom Debate

02748: Heading to the Belt

02747: 4-Day Time Travel

02746: Crossing into the Shadowlands

02745: A Full Mommy Saturday

02744: Medical Friday

02743: Whew.

02742: A Good Process Day

02741: Getting Into Focus (A Transformers Non-Problem)

02740: Bajoran Nostalgia

0273F: There Is No Conflict

0273E: Rainy Weekend Cancellations

0273D: Let's Get Weird!

0273C: Fitness Wobble