01993: Mr. Spock, One to Beam Up

01992: Dead Tired

01991: One Night with Adore Delano

01990: #EDSApocalypse

0198F: Quick Scrawl

0198E: Adore and the Oh Divas

0198D: Paving the Way for GMs

0198C: The Subtle Thief of Youth

0198B: A Deal with the PLDT Devil

0198A: Holiday Diversity

01989: More Vlogging Musings

01988: Sluggishness

01987: Captain on the Bridge

01986: About Ultra Magnus

01985: Geeky Valentine's Day

01984: The Last Minute Fail of the Bench Billboard

01983: Slow Lanes

01982: Resume Previous Course and Heading

01981: Conditioned Stress

01980: Weekend Push

0197F: Free Hugs

0197E: Connection Concerns

0197D: A Few Things Before Sleeping

0197C: Social Media Skirmishes

0197B: Today's Rambling

0197A: Serving the Federation

01979: Fleet Movement

01978: Back in Federation Space