02CBB: It's Thursday

02CBA: Wednesday Notes

02CB9: Other Items of Focus for Today

02CB8: Two Mundane Stories

02CB7: The Rest of the Weekend Games

02CB6: Friday Game Breakdown

02CB5: It's Friday!

02CB4: Moving Steadily Forward

02CB3: Weekly Turning Point

02CB2: Rolling With The Financial Punches

02CB1: Updating

02CB0: Blitz Weekend Recap

02CAF: Full Saturday

02CAE: Gaming Focused

02CAD: Geeky Progress Markers

02CAC: Hearts Wednesday

02CAB: Another Busy Tuesday

02CAA: Holiday Activities

02CA9: More Game Organization Plans

02CA8: Things to Treasure

02CA7: One-on-One Geekery

02CA6: Longer Weekend

02CA5: Dog Barks

02CA4: An Almost Mythical Game

02CA3: Back to Domestic Challenges

02CA2: A Literally Full Sunday

02CA1: Saturday Commuting

02CA0: A Week And Then Some

02C9F: The Numbers...The Numbers!