02BA6: Breaking Down Monday

02BA5: Typhoon Karding Sunday

02BA4: Indoor Weekend

02BA3: Talking About Productivity on a Friday Night

02BA2: Thursday Improvements

02BA1: Organization Motivation

02BA0: Productivity Growing Pains

02B9F: Number Crunching Day

02B9E: Sunday Rundown

02B9D: Geeky Cultural Victory

02B9C: Another Journey Home

02B9B: Blink of an Eye

02B9A: End to End Wednesday

02B99: Travel Time Hiccup

02B98: New Tech Experiments

02B97: Happy Sunday Things

02B96: A Lot of Parentheses

02B95: Elephant Buffet

02B94: To Boldly Go Further

02B93: Brain Snippets

02B92: Stacking Activities After Work

02B91: Monday Activity Accounting

02B90: New Reasons to Be Excited for Local Drag

02B8F: O Bar Prerequisite Resilience

02B8E: Heavy Weekend Agenda

02B8D: Different Kind of Workout Challenges

02B8C: The Last Fiber Mile(stone)

02B8B: Getting Fiber to the Sietch

02B8A: Monday Mundanity

02B89: 2•2•2•5 = Me

02B88: First Leg of Birthday Celebrations

02B87: Birthday Weekend Back on Track

02B86: A Better Thursday

02B85: Untimely Sick Day

02B84: Tuesday Random Nostalgia