02538: Officially Ten Years Together

There are many dates of significance in the life I share with Tobie, and I can understand if people may confuse which date is for what and so on. After all, we commemorate the first time that we ever met in person along with other key moments.

But today is our official anniversary, thus marking ten years of being committed to one another. It's quite the big number and yet it hardly captures all the crazy memories of our shared time together. And there are so many more to come, I'm sure.

And I guess the events of today reflect a lot of what makes our relationship what it is. We stayed up after last night's board game session to play more Warriors Orochi 3 on our revived PS3. In the morning we ended up at Sariwon for brunch and enjoyed our usual ala carte meal. We swung by the grocery to restock on veggies and also looked around Central Square for the sake of answering a question that had been nagging me since we arrive. Then we headed home in anticipation of today's Pendragon game session with good friends.

To mark the day I ordered a Mango Bravo from Conti's for delivery during the session, much to Tobie's surprise. It's a modest gesture but one that still holds significance given he introduced me to the cake and it's one of the few desserts I break keto for during special occasions. Plus it's better to share a cake like this with friends rather than the two of us attempting to finish it on our own somehow.

It may not seem all that exciting a way to go through a day like a tenth anniversary. But we've always been about the small moments and the little details - the daily reminders of love woven into our regular routines. And I wouldn't have it any other way.