0170D: About Giving Gifts

0170C: The Hunt for the Daleks Begins

0170B: A Day For Giving Thanks

0170A: Busy Thanksgiving

01709: Working on Vlogging Plans

01708: Vlog Throughts

01707: Gaming, Adventuring, Singing and Dancing

01706: Celebrating 50 Years of the Doctor

01705: Leaving the Door Open

01704: Evaluating the Failure of my Project 365 for 2013

01703: Workplace Social Media Engagement

01702: The Value of Enterprise Social Networks

01701: The Games We Played

01700: Geeky, Geekier, Geekery

0169E: Your Weekend Plans

0169D: Celebrate The Little Things

0169C: The Philippine Government Was Doomed To Fail

0169B: The (Social) Media Reaction After Yolanda / Haiyan

0169A: I Am Proud To Be A Double Fine Backer

01699: Typhoon Yolanda Aftermath

01698: Back-to-Back Gaming

01697: 24 Hour Super Typhoon

01696: Yolanda Has Cometh

01695: Senate Comedy

01694: Too Much Meat Is Crazy (A Food Rant)