02A80: Coming Into Focus

02A7F: Phone Considerations

02A7E: Differences of Opinion

02A7D: Saturday Outside Again

02A7C: A Journey for Karen

02A7B: The Idea of Books

02A7A: Leaving Messages for Myself

02A79: Additional Skill Slots

02A78: The O Bar Question

02A77: Sunday Entertainments

02A76: A Very Productive Quarantine Saturday

02A75: Saturday Schedule Squeeze

02A74: Entertainment Options

02A73: Anniversary Maneuvering

02A72: The End of the Year Looms

02A71: Shaking It Off a Little

02A70: Sunday Scheduling

02A6F: Weekend Update

02A6E: November Continues to Move Forward

02A6D: Another Transformers Post

02A6C: Toy Reveal Dilemma

02A6B: Flip-Flopping Sentiment

02A6A: Monday Malaise

02A69: Transformers, Working Out, and Numbers

02A68: Trying Not to Count Chickens

02A67: Gaming Return?

02A66: A Colorful Day Off