0187F: Hands Raised in the Air

0187E: Day of Rest

0187D: You Get What You Pay For Online

0187C: 32 is a Weird Number

0187B: Mid-Week Blah

0187A: My Non-Existent Business Running on Google Apps

01879: A Need For Heroes

01878: Early Birthday Stuff

01877: And Then There Was Saturday

01876: Google Apps Daydreaming

01875: Wash, Rinse, Repeat

01874: Stress Juggling

01873: About Ice Buckets And Makeup

01872: Random Monday Musings

01871: High Drama Sunday

01870: Relieving Stress Through Games

0186F: The President's Ego

0186E: MRT Meltdown

0186D: Another Step Towards Legality

0186C: Another One Bites The Dust

0186B: MS Office Withdrawal

0186A: The Last 48 Hours

01869: Emergency Greenhills De-stressing

01868: Facebook Messenger Madness

01867: Kinda Blah Day

01866: Dare to Be Stupid

01865: Metro Manila's Infrastructure Crisis

01864: When Two Are Joined

01863: Wendell the Wisp

01862: Nitpicking the Guardians a Little