01501: A Quick Review of 2012

01500: Family Time

0149F: Happy Saturdate

0149E: More Geeky Friday Fun

0149D: Waging War on Cybertron

0149C: Between the Major Holidays

0149B: Family Gadget Envy

0149A: Geeky Holiday

01499: All Together Now

01498: Before the Christmas Party Marathon

01497: Like Any Of Us Expected Things To Go Differently

01496: Is This Why There Are So Few Female Cybertronians?

01495: Why I Collect "Toys"

01494: We Love Animal House

01493: Madcap Christmas Shopping

01492: Early Tobie Christmas

01491: Tobie and Rocky at the (Toy) Fair.

01490: Post-Hobbit Ramblings

0148F: Hunting Transformers in the Metro

0148E: More Geek Love

0148D: Monday Sick Day

0148C: Starting Again

0148B: Weekends Are Movie Times