0191C: Days of the Dead

0191B: Brain Blah

0191A: The Plan Moves Forward

01919: Blu-Ray Experiments

01918: Geeky Distractions Before Work

01917: Geeky Socializing

01916: Weekend Maximization

01915: We Live, We Learn

01914: Taking Another Turn

01913: Critical Mass

01912: Thinking About Yoga

01911: The Next Chapter in the O Bar Story

01910: Homecoming Game Night

0190F: First Ever Uber Trips

0190E: Kindle Shock

0190D: Inequality (Blog Action Day)

0190C: Her Name is Jennifer, Not Jeffrey

0190B: Domestic Musings

0190A: Approaching the Precipice

01909: Scheduling for Balance

01908: Celebrate Coming Out!

01907: The Bridge-Layer

01906: Jump Sequence

01905: Random Story Pegs, Concepts, Odds and Ends

01904: Acceptable Word Abuse

01903: Star Control Memories

01902: Gaming Magic

01901: Fandom Expenses

01900: Digging Up A Classic

0189F: Comedic Journalism

0189E: Pride in Quezon City