02314: Bonifacio Day

02313: Our Love For Dogs

02312: Cleansing? Purging? Forging?

02311: A Few Things on My Mind

02310: Finding the New Sietch

0230F: A Quiet Friday?

0230E: Life Plans After Delicious Diet

0230D: We Don't Really Chat Anymore

0230C: Social Media Usage Varies

0230B: An Evening at the Fun Home

0230A: Playing Roles

02309: Anniversary Night at O Bar

02308: #NeverAgain #MarcosIsNOTaHero

02307: Seven Years of Tobie

02306: I've Lost 5 Pounds

02305: Vlogging Again?

02304: Theater in a Cinema

02303: I Miss Battlestar Galactica

02302: Steamboat Dining

02301: Trudging Through Cyberspace

02300: #DeliciousDietPH Day 4

0229F: Enhance Your Clam, John Spartan

0229E: Expressions of Regret

0229D: First Day

0229C: Diet Time

0229B: Back in Your Arms, Manila

0229A: Last Night in Singapore

02299: Spacebase on Mars

02298: The Long and Short of It

02297: Tired Tuesday