01632: Tuesday Was Also Tiring

01631: What a Monday!

01630: Hangover Ramblings

0162F: My 2013 Birthday Wish List

0162E: Creative Pegs

0162D: Long Walks

0162C: Living In the Nation of Night Shift

0162B: The Need for a Truly Comprehensive Solution for a Systemic Problem

0162A: Never-Ending Chores and Errands

01629: Board Game Fulfillment

01628: Wishing For Longer Weekends

01627: Gaming, Gaming, Gaming

01626: Language Is Most Effective With Shared Context

01625: Cooking Pasta Is Like Old Sneakers

01624: Yoshi Will Forever Be Our Baby

01623: The Robots of My Life

01622: What We Did On Sunday

01621: Vampire Adventuring

01620: Big Fighting Robots FTW!

0161F: Solitary Friday

0161E: Hastily Scrawled Thoughts Before Bed

0161D: A Globe Encounter

0161C: Getting Used To My Phone

0161B: What Makes Up The Weekend