02C9E: Walking About Again

02C9D: Early CNY

02C9C: Monday Social Drain

02C9B: Fitbit Judgement

02C9A: Weekend Overclocking

02C99: Friday Squeeze

02C98: End of Strap Life (Again)

02C97: Still Not Writing

02C96: Variable Speeds

02C95: Complaints

02C94: Recurring Reminder

02C93: Long Saturday

02C92: Friday Distractions

02C91: Chores Build Character

02C90: I Should Be Asleep

02C8F: Necessary Expenses

02C8E: Asthma Weather

02C8D: Celebrating Bernie

02C8C: Weekend Game Log

02C8B: Little Rants

02C8A: Earbud Celebration

02C89: Work Buzz

02C88: Current Considerations

02C87: Another Start

02C86: Gaming Misfortune

02C85: Slower Weekend Start

02C84: Geeky Weekend Forecast

02C83: Initial 2024 Reading

02C82: First Half-Sprint

02C81: Engine Start

02C80: Entering 2024