01426: Dr. Pepper Musings

01425: Balancing Work Stress Somehow

01424: Post-Birthday Geekery

01423: Dreißig

01422: On Meeting People

01421: Sunday with Mom

01420: Diversity Saturday Round-Up

0141F: Amusing Myself Until the Weekend

0141E: The 30-Day Report

0141D: Why I'm A Lousy Boyfriend

0141C: Trying to Figure Out the Single Thing

0141B: Personal Metamorphic Cycles

0141A: Sunday at the LoveYourself Cafe

01419: Starting the Weekend Geekily

01418: Somewhat Busy Friday

01417: Kitchen Frustrations

01416: I Know Blair Carabuena

01415: Something Brief Before Bed

01414: Last Bit on Diablo 3 Before Work

01413: Family Diablo Time

01412: Sleepy Family Saturday

01411: Single Standstill

01410: Finally Some Sunshine