01651: Dan Danger and the Moon Base (Flash Fiction Challenge 08/30)

01650: All Tuckered Out

0164F: The Napoles Story Is Far From Over

0164E: Not Quite Numerology.

0164D: Dog Tired

0164C: Last Night's Advanced Birthday Celebration

0164B: 4-Player Gaming Night

0164A: Pre-Birthday Weekend

01649: Fast Fiction - The Lighthouse (Part 2)

01648: Everyone Flip-Flops

01647: Social Media Discontent Will Not Stop The Pork Barrel

01646: A Weather Rant

01645: Tropical Storm Maring and Government Funds

01644: Rainy Sunday with the Doctor

01643: Dystopian Young Adult Kaiju (Flash Fiction Challenge 08/16)

01642: Friday Dates with Tobie

01641: Figuring Out The Phase Alignment

01640: Cooking Relief

0163F: Like Riding a Bicycle?

0163E: Fast Fiction - The Lighthouse (Part 1)

0163D: Why Be Proud About Pinoy Pride?

0163C: Hanging Out at Cardinal

0163B: Spinning Plates

0163A: In Need of Transformers Therapy Time

01639: More Writing Time Needed

01638: Short Story Musings

01637: Birthday Non-Planning