0255C: Mason's Christmas

We had a very fun yet early Christmas celebration this year as it's probably the first one that young Mason has a chance of remembering. He's just over a year old now and is comfortable with walking around on his own and attempting to talk to us in his own gibberish baby language. And so the family as a whole was eager to dote on our youngest member by showering him with gifts for this Christmas.

I'm not quite sure what he understood of the festivities but he certainly enjoyed the night on a general level. We all helped him unwrap the different presents and he easily got distracted by whichever new thing was presented to him. And you gotta love a toddler who gets excited about new books and is eager to have them read to him right in the middle of the family gift exchange. This Christmas yielded him new shirts, toys, and books among other things.

Christmas is indeed a lot more fun with a young child in the family. It'll be even crazier once he can participate even more actively hehe