0254D: HBOh No, Here We Go

So HBO GO is finally live as a standalone app in the Philippines, fulfilling the role that HBO Now plays in the US. While SkyCable users can still log into the app as part of their subscription, presumably for free, for just PHP 150 a month it's possible to get access to HBO original shows like Watchmen and His Dark Materials. One can only wonder shows announced for the new HBO Max service will also make their way to HBO GO Asia, in the same way that Prime Video handles Amazon content outside of North America.

The price point is pretty competitive versus how Netflix starts at PHP370 a month. But given HBO GO Asia supports two users, then it would be fairer to compare it to Netflix's PHP460 price point for their standard plan. Add in our existing subscriptions to Prime Video at $5.99 and to WOW Plus for RPDR content for $39.99 a year along with my hopes of subscribing to Disney+ one day when the service finally comes to the Philippines and all these isolated streaming services are starting to add up into what is pretty much a traditional cable bill. We're already exiting our iFlix subscription and thus far aren't burdened by any other such services like Hooq, so that's a minor relief. But they just keep on coming.

But I have to admit, I'm still more likely to pay for a legitimate streaming service subscription versus the extra "effort" needed to pirate content to watch on our Chromecast. It's funny how that is but streaming does present a premium for convenience that totally works.