02C60: Return to Arrakis

02C5F: K-Drama Parallels

02C5E: Internal Change Management

02C5D: A Nice Monday Night

02C5C: Sunday Brain Dump

02C5B: Multi-Geeking

02C5A: 60 Year Geeky Birthday

02C59: Denture Update

02C58: Pivoting to Better Things

02C57: Proper Notion Use

02C56: Monday Mental Musings

02C55: Celebration-Filled Gaming

02C54: Weekend Gaming Notes

02C53: 168 Months (If You Prefer)

02C52: Goodbye, Comixology

02C51: Wednesday Game Arrivals

02C50: Tooth-Day Tuesday

02C4F: Holiday Activities

02C4E: Home Weekend

02C4D: Game Organization Increases Playability

02C4C: Out-of-Phase Long Weekend

02C4B: Digitally Social

02C4A: Home Updates

02C49: Tuesday Fitting

02C48: More Like Normal

02C47: Quick Game Updates

02C46: High Game Density Weekend

02C45: Friday Night Magic

02C44: Almost Normal Thursday

02C43: Slow and Steady