02A25: Goodbye, August

02A24: Somewhat Delayed Birthday Celebration

02A23: Emotional Recovery

02A22: Thrice Thirteen

02A21: Pre-Birthday

02A20: A Breather

02A1F: Going All In For a Game

02A1E: Tuesday Run-Through

02A1D: Timely Signs of Aging

02A1C: Birthday Quasi Anticipation

02A1B: Initial Weekend Highlights

02A1A: New Record High

02A19: Same Shit, Different Quarantine

02A18: Televised Drag Entertainment Musings

02A17: Lost Memory

02A16: Comfort Cooking

02A15: FGTC Advanced Birthday Celebration

02A14: Tabletop Simulator Potential

02A13: The Weekend Couldn't Have Arrived Soon Enough

02A12: Thursday Timing

02A11: Fiery Wednesday

02A10: Birthday Blues

02A0F: Productive Holiday

02A0E: Pandemic Technology Constraints

02A0D: Quarantine Perspectives

02A0C: Back in Lockdown

02A0B: Bumblebee Exclusivity

02A0A: "After the Pandemic..."

02A09: Time Flies

02A08: Monday Snowball Rolling