02654: Canine Movie Magic

02653: Lonely Isle of Dogs

02652: New Versions of Old Friends

02651: Holiday Misalignment

02650: Sunday Hibernation Time

0264F: Weekend Projections

0264E: Cooking Conundrum

0264D: Japanese transition

0264C: Non-Gaming Guilt

0264B: All Manila Yoga Is Hot Yoga

0264A: Continuing Gaming Diversity

02649: FGTC Birthday Love

02648: Gaming Glut

02647: Social Media Customer Service

02646: About Pink Diamond (SPOILER WARNING)

02645: Summertime Fire Days

02644: Korean Admiration

02643: Chill Gaming

02642: Tabletop Escape Rooms

02641: Progression of Evil

02640: Media Ménage à Trois

0263F: Back in the Saddle

0263E: Fashion White Noise

0263D: Off-Kilter

0263C: Sunday Sick Day

0263B: Travel Weariness

0263A: Almost Home

02639: Rainy Singapore Socializing

02638: A Blur of a Week

02637: Rainy Tuesday in Singapore