0155A: The First Gaming Session

01559: A Saturday of Many Colors

01558: A Rather Good Friday

01557: The Beach Body Conundrum

01556: The Fight for Marriage Equality

01555: Staying in the City During Holy Week

01554: The Irony of Holy Week Holidays

01553: Good Weekend Vibes

01552: Perpetual Motion

01551: Transformers Therapy

01550: Slowing Down

0154F: Doing Well at Work

0154E: Contemplating Suicide

0154D: Friendship Empowerment

0154C: Monthsary Sunday

0154B: Sietch Creare Upgrades for March

0154A: Grooming Yoshi

01549: Google Reader is More Important Than the Pope

01548: Mid-Week Assessment

01547: Once On That Island

01546: Monday Afternoon Pontificating

01545: Gaming Thoughts Between Turns

01544: Taking My Gaming to the Next Level