0296B: Government Inefficiencies

0296A: Weekend Offline and Online Geekery

02969: Coming Full Circle

02968: Really Not a Holiday

02967: The Spice Flows Even Stronger

02966: Not How We Do Business

02965: Sietch Obligations

02964: Indulgent Progress Documentation

02963: Saturday Activities

02962: Quieter Friday Night Agenda

02961: Weight Malfunction

02960: Revisiting the Gym Question

0295F: Unwritten Geeky Guide Blog Ideas

0295E: Valentine Gaming

0295D: The Gaming Curve

0295C: Heavier Gaming

0295B: Familiar Robotic Faces

0295A: Leisure Activities

02959: Holiday Planning

02958: Adaptive Routines

02957: Investigating Eve

02956: Blackout Sunday

02955: Saturday Shuffle

02954: Current TV Talk

02953: Eating Out Difficulty

02952: Possible Holiday Errands

02951: Unexpected Endings

02950: Hello, February