0253D: The Brighter Side

I've been using a lot of Dune references this week for one reason or another, so let's end things on a lighter note.

I recently enjoyed the audiobook version of The Pythons, which has me in a bit of a Monty Python mood again. I've been a big fan of their unique brand of comedy and I've poured over a lot of different biographies, documentaries and other efforts to try to document the history of the show or even try to understand how it all came to be and why it worked so well.

They're a great reminder of how really smart people can celebrate silly things that remain subversively intelligent still. They know how to laugh at life and perhaps more importantly still laugh at themselves and make the most of things from there. So now matter how annoying people can be, one can always go back to the likes of Monty Python and appreciate that there's still reason to smile - and maybe there are more ridiculous people out there.

And really, some supposedly smart people can do even crazier, more ridiculous things that it's better to just laugh things off sometimes.