02478: EOM Email Clearing

02477: Still Waiting

02476: Different Facets of Pride

02475: Pride Weekend at Home

02474: Blitz Week

02473: No Tanktops

02472: I Love Baking Soda

02471: More Than a Little Mad

02470: Enough Quarantine for Breakdowns

0246F: Still Not Moving

0246E: Leisure Saturday

0246D: A Gloomy Future-Less Time

0246C: Charting as a Hobby

0246B: Quarantine Weight Progression

0246A: Quarantine Flip-Flopping

02469: Uncomfortable Forced Privacy

02468: Strained Social Queues

02467: Saturday Summary

02466: Weekend Perspective

02465: Last Minute Annoyance

02464: Another Round of Projections

02463: Ready to Re-open?

02462: Busy Busy Monday

02461: Then Problem With Fake Names on Facebook

02460: The Counting Continues

0245F: A Little Gaming Mad