01578: Transformers Relocation Efforts

01577: A Rest-Full Weekend

01576: Sunday Geekery

01575: Lazy Saturday Time

01574: Payday Greenhills Trip

01573: A Weekday Birthday for Tobie

01572: The Storm Before The Calm

01571: So Little Time...

01570: A Matter of Opinion

0156F: Sluggish

0156E: Political Dynasties Are Bad For The Philippines

0156D: More Than Anything, Marcos Was A Crook

0156C: Self-Medicating

0156B: 5 Months (Again!)

0156A: A Transformers Pick-Me-Up

01569: About The Happiness You Find In Life

01568: Wrapping Up Repertory Philippines' Regular Season

01567: Saturday Expenses

01566: The Gaming Circuit Can Be More Fun Than The Queer Circuit

01565: Feeling the Urge to Gather Brick and Stone

01564: One Heck of a Hump

01563: What Holiday?

01562: Weekends Keep Us All Afloat

01561: The Night Anne Curtis Went to O Bar Ortigas

01560: A Quick Movie Date

0155F: Living the Ebert Life

0155E: Brain Drain

0155D: Where It's Flat and Immense and the Heat is Intense

0155C: How We Were Raised