02543: Weekend Pause

It has been a colorful week for both me and Tobie and his ended more stressful than mine. We originally planned to go to Old Navy together since they had a Black Friday sale and I've been happy upgrading my wardrobe to smaller-sized stuff. But as he was pretty tired from his literal WALK home, so I ended up going to Old Navy alone.

But I still picked up a number of good shirts including new matching shirts to add to the couple's side of our wardrobe. And since Tobie and I now fit the same size shirts at Old Navy, shopping for stuff for both of us wasn't too difficult. It's so weird that this is true.

I picked up some Korean ice cream for Tobie to help cheer him up, even though I can't have ice cream but that's fine. We had roasted a chicken with a generous bed of veggies and mushrooms and we had a great dinner while watching The Movies That Made Us.

We don't have a game scheduled today nor are we going out to O Bar so it's going to be a pretty quiet night. And that feels exactly like what we both need to cap off this workweek.