02C6C: Tired, Fulfilled, But Still Tired

02C6B: Work Drive

02C6A: Busy First Session Day

02C69: A Proper Kickoff

02C68: SG Work Mode

02C67: O Bar Grounding

02C66: Almost Time

02C65: Weekend Crunch

02C64: Out of Sync

02C63: Workout Pivot

02C62: Trying to Start Things

02C61: Stresses and Frustrations

02C60: New Old Gateway Games

02C5F: Weekend Gamelog

02C5E: Regular Game Nights

02C5D: Somewhat Drained By Thursday

02C5C: Deeper Into Stellaris

02C5B: Missed Activities

02C5A: Digital Filing Transition

02C59: Deeper Gaming

02C58: More O Bar Friends

02C57: More Stellaris Iterations

02C56: Domestic Movie Habits

02C55: Juggling Historical Accounts

02C54: Telling a Stellaris Story

02C53: One Step At a Time

02C52: Weekend Game Cycling

02C51: Good Gaming Notes

02C50: Imagined Wedding Guests

02C4F: Older K-Drama Cliches

02C4E: Wednesday Sorta Highlights