0254F: Sushi Envy

One of our more interesting indulgences ever since I got started on keto is Ogetsu Hime's ala carte buffet at SM Aura. Since we can choose to order specific items from their menu, it helps ensure that I can focus on more keto-friendly things while Tobie has more diverse options. This has become the most cost-effective way for me to enjoy sashimi.

The low carb life of keto means that most forms of sushi - mainly nigiri and maki - are no longer an option. And that's a pretty sad reality for someone who used to splurge on conveyer belt sushi buffets. Sashimi remains to be a keto-viable option, but it's cost-prohibitive to order sashimi ala carte at most Japanese restaurants. Plus it's not like there are a lot of other options to eat so I can't just order lots of expensive sashimi and call it a day.

At least with this buffet, I can have a lot of tenderloin teppanyaki to go with my sashimi and maybe some stir fry veggies here and there. And I mainly cycle these same items over and over until we're satisfied. The other indulgence that helps make the buffet a lot more worthwhile is the grilled salmon head, which is nicely fatty and meaty. And thankfully they always serve the sauce on the side.

Well, I'll take what I can get. I'm sure there are other buffets with incidental sashimi options as well, but at least with this one each order is prepared fresh, which is quite nice. Pricey, but nice.