02C23: Realignment

02C22: Friday Lift Hill

02C21: Dental Stressors

02C20: Sietch Distractions

02C1F: Tapestry Liberation

02C1E: Tobie's Pre-Flight Day

02C1D: Weekend Heaviness

02D1C: Social Battery Drain

02D1B: People Things

02D1A: Work Away From Work

02D19: Mid-Week Celebrations

02D18: Tuesday News(-ish)

02D17: Power Contingencies

02D16: Weekend Anchors

02D15: Telegram Update

02D14: More Customs Nonsense

02D13: Work Moments of Joy

02D12: Little Wins

02D11: Small Screen Entertainment

02D10: Three (New) Game Night

02D0F: Instant Online Gaming

02D0E: Good Weekend Things

02D0D: Friday Mundanity

02D0C: Good Shows

02D0B: Long Wednesday

02D0A: Weekend Openings

02D09: A Week Older

02D08: Gaming Offline and Online

02D07: Gaming Resilience

02D06: Extra Friday Time