02560: Pre-Departure Family Saturday

We had a nice lunch with the family today as a last activity before the Chins were scheduled to fly home to Singapore. As it's finally the weekend, Tobie was able to join us and it's always nice to complete our modern family as it were.

Thus it was also my last chance for some more Mason time, and I did my best to carry him when I could or walk around the mall to keep him preoccupied while the rest of the family finished dessert. He's such a darling and I'm going to miss him a lot. But we'll make the most of video conferencing again until my next trip to Singapore or their next trip to Manila.

Now we're at this month's FGTC board game meet-up. My nose has been acting up and I'm not quite sure if it's just an allergy or a developing cold. It's not making gaming any easier but I'm determined to make the most of things since I love these game nights with this gaming group. I'm barreling through for now since i can be stubborn when it comes to my hobbies and other recreational activities.