02352: Tobie's New Glasses

02351: Post Chinese New Year Errands

02350: Happy Geekery Weekends

0234F: Geeky Movements in the Night

0234E: Friday Night Considerations

0234D: New Work Life

0234C: Company Wedding Day

0234B: GoChef Experiments and Creations

0234A: Walking Around BGC

02349: First RPG at the New Sietch

02348: Crazy Sietch Progress

02347: Almost Home

02346: Customer Service Patience

02345: The Heart of the Sietch

02344: More and More Like Home

02343: New Sietch Day One

02342: Functional Move Day

02341: Geeky Packing Problems

02340: Packing in Progress

0233F: Almost Moving Day

0233E: The Numbers Game

0233D: A Lot Going On

0233C: Moving Jitters

0233B: Meal Prep Week 2

0233A: Time Suck

02339: Civilization Envy

02338: MBTI Review

02337: PLDT Highs and Lows

02336: The Big Move 2017

02335: Meal Preparation Training

02334: New Year, New Friends