02D36: O Bar Pride Love

02D35: Gaming Updates

02D34: Scheduling Pressure

02D33: Productive Tension

02D32: Activity Levels

02D31: A Monday Tuesday

02D30: The School Play

02D2F: More Staying-In Activities

02D2E: BGC Geeky Staycation of Sorts

02D2D: Friday Dearth

02D2C: Faulty Batteries

02D2B: Drain Day

02D2A: Grind Resumption

02D29: Sunday Surprises

02D28: Good Times

02D27: A Lighter Saturday (Thus Far)

02D26: Relative Relief

02D25: Exciting Anticipation

02D24: Closer and Closer

02D23: Busy, Busy, Busy

02D22: Garmin Migration

02D21: Battery Draining Weekend

02D20: Instantly Busy Weekend

02D1F: A Few Delays

01D1E: Almost Time

02D1D: Heart and Head Full

02D1C: Snippets

02D1B: Reading Target

02D1A: Final Approach

02D19: Streak Breaking