02551: Mason Christmas

Modern technique for distracting a toddler when you need to change his diaper

So Mason is in town for the holidays and my productivity is reduced by a third, so to speak, since I am part of the cycle of people who juggle watching over him while trying to get work done. But absolutely no regrets given he's such a delight with the only real bad thing being how fast he's growing up.

He walks around really fast now, like he's always in a hurry to get somewhere. He's old enough to really start to play with you and thus a better part of my day has involved running after him in a way that makes him squeal with laughter. He's fairly handy with a forth and he eats so much more solid food versus the last time I saw him. He can even toggle open his little water bottle, which involves actually pressing a button. He's sooo cute.

It's great to have the family more or less complete - something which will be resolved tomorrow afternoon. We still have another week or so of work to get through, but this is already looking to be quite the fun family holiday.