0254B: Christmas Shopping Adventuring

So we spent a better part of today at the Ayala Malls complex in Makati and ended with the bags of gifts above. And yet we're still not quite done with our holiday shopping for the year and will need to squeeze in time this week to address the gaps in our respect gift lists. It was funny since it was a rare time that we actually ran out of time since the malls started to close as we were still going around. Usually, the only time we make it to the closing of the mall is when we watch a movie. That just speaks to how we aren't really big shoppers.

But Christmas shopping is a whole different animal since you start out with only a vague idea of what you might want to get for some of your loved ones and then the reality of what is available and for how much is what really determines what you decide upon as gifts. And our lives are all complicated with different social circles beyond your family like officemates or the people we regularly game with, for example.

But I do feel better that I got most of my shopping done and Tobie made good progress as well. We will still have to make one or two more ventures out into retail madness to get the last of our shopping done but this made good use of the randomly free Saturday we ended up with today. But now we're too tired to head out so we're not going to O Bar this week. Besides, the new season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is up, so that's going to keep us busy.