02C42: Sick Day

02C41: Bleh

02C40: Sunday Notes

02C3F: Long Magic Friday

02C3E: Friday Telegram-ish

02C3D: Thursday Density

02C3C: Steadier Wednesday

02C3B: Recovery Ramp Up

02C3A: Unfortunate Downtime

02C39: Entanglements

02C38: New Games Update

02C37: Friday Assessment

02C36: Short on Time

02C35: More Game Progression

02C34: Planeswalking Again

02C33: Reflecting on the News

02C32: Geeky Redlining

02C31: It's Niki Day!

02C30: Friday Spot Update

02C2F: Another Customer Service Adventure

02C2E: Wednesday Scribbles

02C2D: Domestic Pricing Squeeze

02C2C: Monday Notes

02C2B: More Show Endings

02C2A: Family Book Club

02C29: More Book Crunching

02C28: Pura Luka Vega

02C27: Finales Day

02C26: Last Quarter Hurdle

02C25: Masks Mostly Off

02C24: In the Room Where It Happened